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Hair Industry Pledges $11,574 to Rough Threads Charity

You’ve probably heard about the S Event, a forum dedicated to charity and education held by TAFE NSW – Sydney TAFE and Sustainable Salons Australia (and if you somehow haven’t, read our in-depth wrap-up here), and the way it invigorated the industry just a couple of weeks ago. Beyond the enormity of the event itself, we wanted to highlight the way it brought out the generosity of the industry at large.

While listening to speakers talk about the importance of sustainability and philanthropy within the core pillars of People, Planet and Profit, guests also generously emptied their pockets, donating $11,574.90 to the charity named Rough Threads during the evening.

If you were one of the generous many who donated, we can now reveal how you dollars will be spent. Rough Threads Founder and Managing Director Carrie Deane has shared that the donations will fund all logistic costs for Rough Threads events up until mid-2018. Usually the team must exhaustively raise these logistic costs through grants, which is a difficult and time-consuming process.

“Our biggest costs are our storage facility and transport,” Carrie said. “Without them we can’t run the events, so that’s why this amount pledged is such a powerful number for us. [Usually] our team have to do everything from driving trucks to collecting donations, so to wipe off having to spend a huge amount of time writing grants this year is amazing, this is a huge weight off our shoulders!”

The funds will now help more than 2,500 people who will come through Rough Threads over this time period. Rough Threads requires just $27 per person to provide access to lifestyle, community and health services to the homeless and those in need.

“They can have a haircut, see a GP, have a massage, get help with a resume, connect with key services and enjoy some live entertainment,” Carrie said of their services. “They can also post a letter around the world and sit down with a nutritionist to discuss their health. It really shows how a small donation can have a huge impact on an individual’s or a family’s life.”

Sustainable Salons Australia, TAFE NSW – Sydney TAFE and the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community, as led by Brett McKinnon, have integrated Rough Threads with the hairdressing industry since 2014, supporting the Rough Threads salon where hairdressers can volunteer and those in need can have their hair cut. TAFE NSW – Sydney TAFE also aid The Beauty Corner, which offers beauty services for those in need at Rough Threads events.

The Rough Threads hair salon has seen 890 clients since opening, offering between 50 to 100 haircuts on average per event, with larger events offering up to 200 events in just 2 and a half hours.

“I am completely humbled by the incredible generosity of this industry,” Carrie said. “It demonstrates to me how important Rough Threads’ key message of social connectedness is to everyone in the community.”

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