Hair Shots 2 The World continue to celebrate ten years in the industry, previously awarding the title of Cover of the Decade to Craig Smith of Fruition, and now announcing their lauded Star Collections. This honours collections that achieved three or more covers between 2010 and 2019.

“During our Cover Competition, we discovered that 22 collections had excelled in attracting the preference of editors for covers,” said Leanne Cutler, head of Hair Shots 2 The World. “From 1 June, we commenced announcing a Star Collection each weekday on Instagram and Facebook at 6pm.”

“We have started with collections that scored three covers and are working our way upwards to a couple that achieved a whopping eight covers,” Leanne continued. “Australian and New Zealand collections have a great impact on the world, and international editors are always hankering to see what’s next.”

So far, Danny Pato’s Tori collection, Summer 13 by the Serville Creative Team, Polished Grunge by Andre Faiva, both Aurora Borealis and Neo Goth 8.0 by Justin Pace and Dmitri Papas, Iro by Kobi Bokshish, Sophie Butson’s Bohair, One Girl, Eleven Looks by Joey Scandizzo and ELEVEN Australia and MALA.POP.ISM by Steve Corthine and Missy Veyret are on the charts.

“The selection of cover is always cultural, with for instance, a country like France seeking well-dressed hair in more subtle or sublime images, Eastern Europe really like covers that are bold and bounce off the page whereas the US trade magazines are most often conservative or at least commercial,” Leanne said.

Keep an eye out for more inspiring covers, coming to your feeds.

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