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Hair Shots 2 The World Announce Cover of the Decade Finalists

A big congratulations to the 22 finalists who have been announced in Hair Shots 2 The World’s Cover of the Decade award. The award celebrates ten years of Hair Shots 2 The World, paying tribute the talented hairdressers the company have worked with over the past decade.

“Having a client’s work on the cover of an international magazine is always a thrill for our clients and my office,” said Leanne Cutler of Hair Shots 2 The World. “The team and I always cheer when we see a new cover come in. Congratulations to the finalists, we hope that you can use this success to excite your clients at this strange time.”

“To those that missed out, please remember that getting published is like an award in itself, it’s recognition from an expert that your work is excellent,” she continued.  “Cover or inside pages, it gives hairdressers and the team a lot to be proud of.”

Over 300 covers were judged by publishers or hairdressing experts in UK, Europe, Asia, South America, North American and Africa and the group of 22 finalists include individual and team creations of artistic, editorial and Avant Garde looks across the creative spectrum.

Now all that’s left is for the winner to be announced 5pm AEST on Wednesday, 20 May 2020 on Facebook Live @hairshots2theworld.

Congratulations and good luck to the finalists, listed below.

Simone Lee – Allure

Carole Haddad – George

Jaimee Smith – Diversity

Belinda Keeley, Carl Keeley & Chris Gratton – Golden Rose

Carl Keeley – Diamonds

Belinda Keeley and Carl Keeley – Duality

Damien Rinaldo – Neutral

Rokk Ebony Artistic Team – Winterfell

Elena Nardone – Colour 14

Freda Rossidis – Pearl

Nadia Semanic – Parasomnia

Caterina Di Biase and Team – Nouveau Chic

Craig Smith – Epoch

Adam Isles & Daniella Barca – Coachella

Scott Sloan & Jordan Hone – London SW3

Caterina Di Biase – Fusion (2 separate covers nominated)

Sharne Rizzo – Zingara

Damien Rinaldo – Self

Nicole Kae – Inca Rising

Lyndal Salmon – Le Régime Moderne

Andre Faiva – Club Kids

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