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Hair Shots 2 The World Launches International Directory

Planning you international events schedule has been made considerably simpler, with the launch of an International Hairdressing Events Directory by online hairdressing service Hair Shots 2 The World.

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Hair Shots 2 The World

The company, which primarily acts as an online service through which hairdressers can submit their photographic work to international editorial publications, has added the directory to help hairdressers better plan their overseas training.

The site remains continuously relevant, updating the events whenever a new one is announced. It’s a move that will have multiple purposes, both uniting the hairdressing world and adding publicity for previously lesser-known international events. The system will hopefully benefit not just stylists and salons, but also the international styling education scene as a whole.

“This international hair and beauty events directory is provided as a community service so hairdressers who travel or those looking for education can learn the dates and details of the long list of events happening worldwide each year,” said Hair Shots 2 The World’s Leanne Cutler. “Since we are in touch with magazines around the world constantly, it is easy for Hair Shots 2 The World to collate the dates and event websites into one reference point.”

Use the system to plan your calendar well in advance.

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