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Temporary Hair Tattoos Are The Next Big Trend

Who hasn’t experimented with temporary tattoos? Non-permanent ink was a childhood favourite and traipsing out the fake tattoos on occasions like Australia Day is a well-worn tradition. Well, the faze has been revitalised, with hair tattoos the latest viral accessory.


You can thank Kylie Jenner, who we’re officially dubbing the viral queen. Remember how her grey hair reignited the granny hair trend for the Instagram generation, or how her temporary dreadlocks caused no shortage of internet controversy? Everything Kylie does is front page internet news – and hair tattoos are the newest story.

The trend comes courtesy of a photograph of Kylie with an intricate, gold hair tattoo standing out as a feature in her dark hair. The communal research of the internet found that the accessory is sold by brands such as Scunci at affordable prices, for a cheap but unique every day look.


Image via Buzzfeed

Like regular temporary tattoos, the product works by holding it down and dabbing it on with a wet cotton ball before peeling off the paper. It is recommended to be worn on straight hair, to limit distortion, and washes out during regular hair cleanses.


Image via Buzzfeed

The designs provide a quirky finish for your clients and with the trend making its way around the world and to Australia, offering some packs as a retail option on your salon counter may prove your most enlightened money-making venture of the month.

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