After almost 25 years as an industry stalwart, the Hairdreams brand of hair extensions and innovative tools has finally reached Australia.

For decades, Australia has been missing out on an international hair extension and extension application brand famous all over the globe. Hairdreams, a company founded in Austria in 1994, is in roughly 15,000 salons worldwide, including 5000 in the US and 7000 in Europe, and now it has finally made its way Down Under, with unparalleled support, education and innovation as its driving force.

The hair extensions on offer, made from 100 per cent human hair and available at two luxury levels, are a useful and increasingly necessary salon tools for clients who want added length, density, texture or even just a change. While the high quality of the hair is what originally made the brand famous, it’s their Laserbeamer NANO tool, released two and a half years ago, that is now the hero aspect of the brand.

“It’s a fusion strand by strand automatic hair extension applicator, it puts in five strands automatically in 35 seconds, you can do a full head application of 150 strands in 45 minutes, where traditional hand rolling would take someone who is good one and a half hours to three hours to do the same task,” said Dorian Thomas, Hairdreams’ Managing Director for USA/North America. “The machine puts the strands in a way that has the look of a tape in so it has a nice natural way, but it is an individual strand by strand and piece by piece application, and that gives the wearer the flexibility for styling options that aren’t an option when using a tape-in. Also, they’re going to remain with the wearer for four to six months.”

The tool is as cool and futuristic as it sounds, but is only successful as the innovative extra to quality hair. The Hairdreams extension offering comes as five star, the standard, high-quality hair salons have come to expect, and then takes it even further, with seven star hair, something especially rare in the industry. Where the five star hair starts with dark hair and colours it to reach the desired tone, seven star hair acquires the hair in the natural hue, before putting it through multiple processes that assure its quality. The hair is guaranteed by the brand for a year and a half and up to three re-bondings, ensuring the client receives total value for their purchase. The high-quality hair at both levels boasts shine, volume, elasticity and bounce, and is available in a large range of colours, textures and lengths.

From a business perspective, the company has a warm, intimate approach to its salons, despite how far it extends across the globe. At the brand’s first Australian workshop, with ten national salons from all over the country in attendance, the two day course taught much more than just the products and application. Consultations, marketing, social media, advertising and more were also covered in full.

“We support them in education, the way it works is these salons have come on board, now they are life time partners with Hairdreams, they made their purchase, and essentially they have come to the initial class,” Dorian shared. “From here on out they have the ability to send stylists from their salons to future trainings at no cost for the trainings, they only have to get the material and the material is hair for live models and they can send more stylists. We protect and support the salons and we grow their education.”

Hairdreams has reached global heights through acclaim on social media, top-tier customer support, celebrity endorsements and products that break the mould and innovate the extension industry further. Now, it embarks on its Australian partnership, distributing through its Singapore branch and keeping leaders and educators in Australia to facilitate the expansion. With Australian hairdressers open to new tools and very interested in education, the brand is already proving a perfect fit for our industry.

“I’m quite surprised by how excited they are, it’s an exciting class all over the world but here they were absorbing everything I said and were so excited to have this education,” said Erin Hayden, Master Trainer for USA Hairdreams and Education Manager, at the workshop. “What I’ve heard is that there’s not a lot of extension education like we give. It sounds like a lot of companies in Australia have a product but they’re not accompanying it with a two day seminar including consultation and cutting and colouring and all this theory so it’s been such a great class.

The diverse brand offers a range of other pivotal extension tools and products, such as self-adhesive tape for quick services, accessories such as jewels, ribbons, crystals and piercings and an efficient removal system based on their patented Easy Stripper, made to remove extensions in an easy, fully-automated process. You can think of the brand as your one stop extension shop, with business support making it the ideal destination.

“We’re not just focusing on how to apply the attachment, we’re focusing on everything,” Erin continued. “We have really high quality hair that’s number one for our company, but we really are helping our clients after this class too, we have help staying here in Australia to help them with clients, but we really want to talk to them and keep ongoing communication going to where we’re going to help them succeed.”

Going above and beyond for their clients and backing up this support with products hairdressers all over the world applaud, Hairdreams, may we say, we’re glad you finally made the trip to Australia.

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