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#hairmanagement Salon Profile

Care for the environment is an overarching point of reference for #hairmanagement salon, from the recycled materials used, the brand it partners with (Aveda, who else?) and the way it is operated. While the term ‘green’ can refer to inexperience or eco-consciousness, #hairmanagement can be easily defined as such, but only in the latter interpretation of the word.

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A millennial salon in every sense (the name includes a hashtag, after all), #hairmanagement is located in Rosebery and run by 26 year old Mazen El-Hosni, who already boasts sixteen years of experience (do the math, yes, he was working in a neighbour’s salon from the age of 10). After working in and managing salons, Mazen and his friend and now business partner Chris Legallant opened their own establishment. However, they didn’t just purchase and repurpose an already-existing salon; the pair built #hairmanagement from the ground up.

“Everything is in the salon was done with our own bare hands, we did everything ourselves, even our product shelf was made out of recycled timber,” Mazen shared. “We used all recycled timber in our salon, most of it was from my backyard fence, which has all been treated, sanded down and repainted. We also used pallets, like wooden pallets that you get in large shipments, which we used as a feature wall in the salon, and which has real plants growing out of it.”

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Other environmentally friendly materials and practices showcase this salon’s eco-conscious mindset. Exposed copper piping, energy sufficient lighting including natural light and the latest LED technology, chemical free cleaning products and exclusively-real plants, are just some of the things adding to the salon’s ethics and ambiance. Polished concrete ties the aesthetic together in a sophisticated way.

“The environment is very important to us so that’s played a very big role,” Mazen shared. “We were thinking of going with Aveda, we always had Aveda in our minds, and we thought ‘what better way to do it than it to make the shop look organic and recycled as well?’” The pair are always looking to take their environmental efforts further, and are currently working towards recycling 100 per cent of the salon’s disposable materials, such as hair clippings, foils and colour tubes.

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In its nine months of operation, #hairmanagement has established a thriving clientele of both men and women, who laud the services, trademark Aveda rituals and look of the salon all in one.

“I have the ego to say I am very successful and highly experienced hairdresser specialising in all aspects of hair,” Mazen shared. “Clients love the look of the salon, they come in and have their Aveda rituals and Aveda tea, we have chat, we have a laugh and they walk out happy. They love the way their hair looks.”

Seems like #hairmanagement is doing their own part in reducing the salon industry’s carbon footprint, while also utilising this environmental energy to create a distinct salon personality and treat their clients to a luxury experience. What more could you ask for?


“We have accomplished a great deal of hard work , sacrifices and labouring that was done with our bare hands, which makes us appreciate how far we have come in building this prepossessing salon,” Mazen shared.

Consider us (hashtag) impressed.

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