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Hanz De Fuko Australian Launch

Hanz De Fuko is a brand that purposefully confuses its cultures, harnessing its favourite aspects of the world’s cultural landscape to become something entirely unique in the male styling market. Created in San Francisco, but drawing from the strength of Germany (Hanz), the romance of Spain (De) and the streamlined creativity of Japan (Fuko), the brand’s geographical journey has now seen it launch in Australia – are you keeping up?

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The brand launched to the media at Sydney’s chic, industrial-style Edwards and Co. salon, playfully referencing its cultural inspirations with German beer, tapas-style share plates and paper cranes adoring the tables.

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Nadia Lau, the brand’s international distributor, introduced the media to the brand, and showcased some of the online how-to video’s that have garnered the brand its fame. These videos, presented by famous vloggers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, are tapping into an unknown area of the men’s grooming market, with a male audience that want to know how to style their hair but are too afraid to ask, and catapulting the brand forward with tens of millions of views.

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Nadia Lau

Australian Ambassador Michael Brennan presented one male model with three hair styles, showcasing the ease and efficiency the products provide in creating dapper looks for the modern man. “Hanz De Fuko have identified what has been missing in men’s styling for a long time now,” Michael shared. “The brand is all about expressing who you are and finding the artist within yourself and the product range really allows scope to achieve this.”

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Michael Brennan

Hanz De Fuko couldn’t have found a better fan than David Beckham, who has famously lauded the products and seen them described in GQ Magazine as “the secret goop behind David Beckham’s hair.” High praise indeed.

Built with nature and science to cater to today’s image-conscious man, the products are made with certified organic ingredients, natural plant extracts, powerful antioxidants, essential oils, vitamins A, C and E and amino acids. The medium hold Scheme Cream, ultra-matte Quick Sand and Natural Shampoo and Conditioner act as hero products.

Available through Sabre Group and now salons country-wide, Australia is a fitting piece to the multicultural Hanz De Fuko puzzle.

For more information contact The Sabre Group on 1300 764 437 (Australia) or (0800 456 426)

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