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HeadBed Success at Salon International


Already an Australian phenomenon, HeadBed is the latest ergonomically designed neck cushion to grace salon washbasins. It is so versatile as to fit any basin and is made of 5-star grade silicone rubber for optimal comfort. The HeadBed is a now a must for customer satisfaction and this was confirmed at Salon International 2013 in London, writes Shannon Gaitz.

After three years of research by naturopath Catherine Randabel, the HeadBed was invented as a direct solution to so many customer complaints. It was tried and tested thoroughly at Salon International and emerged with flying colors.

“Clients are not getting wet at the sink now and you can reach the back of the neck and get all of the colour out without soaking the client,” said Leona Curran, UK Academies General Manager of Vidal Sassoon. “Best of all, the clients are so comfortable, they love them.”

Electric Creative Director Mark Woolley and the HeadBed team

Electric Creative Director Mark Wooley said, “It’s brilliant, congratulations – you have finally solved one of the main problems that the hairdressing industry has had for decades; discomfort and safety concerns at the back wash.”

Medically endorsed, soft and durable, prevents water leakage, and aesthetically chic, it’s no wonder that HeadBed is now on the wash basins in 18 countries, including the US, France, Canada, Russia and Brazil, and is now gaining recognition in the British market.

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