Mark your diaries with May 30 to 31 as the 2021 Naturally Good Expo comes to Sydney’s International Convention Centre to show off health, wellness, hair and beauty.

In its 7th year, and back with a bang after missing 2020, the event promises to be more innovative than ever, with more 310 exhibitors and 12 presentations packed with natural products and trends.

“There was an overwhelming feeling throughout the natural health industry that the show should go on this year, with the full support of key and long-standing exhibitors and partners such as Unique Health Products, Global By Nature, Bio Living and others,” said Lynn Ormiston, Commercial and Digital Innovation Manager at Naturally Good.

“We’ll be creating a COVID-safe environment so people can attend with full confidence with a multitude of hand sanitising stations, safe food and product sampling practices, and appropriate social distancing. People will also be required to register their attendee details beforehand to ensure contact tracing.”

The event partners with Australian Organic, Australian Made, Complementary Medicines Australia and other organisations that share a natural-first ethos. At the expo, attendees can see, sample and experience a varied range of businesses and producers across the beauty, personal care, health, food, beverages, home and lifestyle sectors.

Highlights include a Beauty and Living Zone, which focuses on the future of cosmetics, skin care and personal care, as well as home and living products, all within the natural and organic space. The Australian Made pavilion will also dynamically feature local beauty and living exhibitors that can’t be missed.

Moreover, the Start Up Zone showcases innovative products from emerging brands that launched over the past two years. The Natural Health zone is also a feature, with almost 30 exhibitors showcasing vitamins, supplements, herbal remedies and complementary medicine products.

“People are more aware than ever that they need to prioritise their health and hygiene and are grocery shopping with this in mind,” said Lynn. “Consumers are also seeking out products which are clearly labelled, are affordable, safe, sustainable and do the job well. Retailers are now very interested in products featuring ‘the natural advantage’ as demand in many sectors is strong. It’s become very beneficial for retailers to stock natural and organic products to draw in more customers as opposed to stores offering standard fare.”

In education, a free speaker series will cover emerging consumer trends, retailer tips, insights into key consumer segments, marketing strategies and more in this sector. Additionally, a Pitch Fest will be held publicly, where industry judges will hear pitches from emerging brands.

The AFEX Business Summit will also be held Friday 28 May, aimed at manufacturers and brands in the natural and organic space and covering consumer strategy, capital raising and ecommerce, as well as upcoming trends and future-thinking insights.

This wellness-focused expo speaks to necessary trends in all our lives and businesses, with hair brand Clover Fields, which is exhibiting at the event, providing the ideal example for the hair industry. This soap producing company of almost forty years now offers a Shampoo a Purpose range of sold shampoo-conditioner bars, sold in select salons.

“There is a lot of water in liquid shampoo and conditioner, however with a solid bar you just add the water yourself and lather away,” explained the prodict’s developer Geneva Valek. “We add only eco-sustainable ingredients such as Kakadu plum, jojoba, avocado, almond oil, argan and shea butter and have special formulations depending on hair type. The feedback from customers has been fantastic, with people saying the two-in-one bar cleans their hair just as well as a liquid and leaves it beautifully conditioned. Nowadays consumers, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, are really environment and health aware.”

The bars are available to cater to different hair types, such as Colour Treated, Dry or Damaged, Volume and OG, and presented as all-natural 135g bars that saves the equivalent of six plastic shampoo or conditioner bottles going to landfill and chemicals washing down the drain. They are also available as travel pack options, becoming ideal for travelling consumers as a lightweight option, and for disabled consumers due to their efficiency.

“Ease of use, sustainability, lack of packaging, chemical-free really appeals to a large proportion of the market. It’s a big reason why the bars have been so well received and why we feel bars will become more commonplace in the hair care industry in years to come,” Geneva said.

There are so many must-see innovations on offer at Naturally Good 2021. Come see for yourself.

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