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Hermiz Daniel’s 50 Strands of Braids Collection

The cheeky title with a nod to pop culture phenomenon 50 Shades of Grey gives an idea of Hermiz Daniel’s 50 Strands of Braids collection aesthetic. Hermiz’s own obsession with the film (“I need to make it clear it was the love story I liked the most,” he laughed) led to the inspiration for the images. A dark and sensual overall mood, as well as the use of hair accessories, contributed to this theme.

“Some hairstyles feature accessories made from ‘fetish’ materials – or have a thematic relationship to this darker, almost sinful world,” Hermiz shared. “From using pins to extra hair extensions to braiding it to make the hair whip-like, or putting rings on the braids – the tricky part was to try to keep it contemporary and reflective of hair fashion.”

The almost comical sound of braids on leather led to the title of the collection, envisioned and created in the moment on set. Raw, natural skin, paired with leather, sheer and fishnet materials in the styling and a moody photographic set-up finished the dark thematic shoot with every facet in mind.

The collection took out top honours at Hair Expo, under the award for Victorian Hairdresser of the Year. Discover it for yourself below.


Collection Name: Fifty Strands of Braids
Hair: Hermiz Daniel
Salon: Joey Scandizzo Salon, Melbourne, Australia @joeyscandizzosalon
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Styling: Elaine Marshall
Make-Up: Karen Burton

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