Any 21st century hairdresser worth his salt (spray) knows the value of a good Instagram trend and a great rainbow hair look.


If you’re wondering how global salons amass tens of thousands of social media followers, listen close: they find an Instagram hashtag that’s trending, create an enticing look under that trend, and watch it go viral. Hidden Rainbow Hair is your latest route in that pathway to success.


The trend itself is nothing ground-breaking – rainbow hair is arguably the social media hair phenomenon of our time, hidden rainbow roots were already a certifiable trend earlier in the year and hiding major colour trends in the underlayers of the hair is slowly becoming more popular (remember that GIF of the girl with secret oil slick hair that sent the internet into meltdown? No? We’ll show it to you here.).

This new craze merges the best parts of those Instagram trends together and then takes it to a whole new level.

The #hiddenrainbow trend (which has so far been hashtagged over 1200 times on Instagram) tasks colourists with creating a fully vivid, multi-hued rainbow look in the underlayers of the hair, while achieving a natural tone in the top layers, so that clients may reveal their rainbow hues as much or as little as they desire (pesky office jobs sometimes make that choice a necessity).


The rising social media interest had garnered media spotlight in publications such as the Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, Refinery 29 and Styleicons, right now (self-referencing at its peak).


UK and US salons have created the trend on Instagram and found themselves the poster-salons for this new trend. Create it yourself and you could very well be the next salon representing the #hiddenrainbow trend the next time it hits the news.