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Hinterland Collection

Created by Ethos Hairdressing, the Hinterland collection is inspired by the contrast between soft and harsh in the natural landscape around us.

Polished, Avant Garde shapes mimic the slopes and hills of mountains, whilst edgy undercuts and clashing textures represent the textural variety of the environment. Soft tresses and pulled out pieces recreate mossy sceneries and the softness of nature seen in blades of grass and meadows.

Bold, black eye makeup and a muted fashion colour palette and backdrop of greys and coppers are reminiscent of the elements. The hair colour is comprised of rich, salon-friendly tones your clients will love.

In their first outing at the British Hairdressing Awards, stylists Brent Barlow and Rosie Binns impressed by looking to the world around them and its simplest features for creative inspiration.

What daily wonders inspire you?


Hair by: Brent Barlow & Rosie Binns 
Photographer: Jamie Cowlishaw 
Make up: Jemma Stokes

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_JCC4692 high res

_JCC5182 high res

_JCC9850 high res

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_JCC4066 high res

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