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Hot Men Collection

Aptly and succinctly titled ‘Hot Men’, the objective of Carole Haddad’s male hair collection is clear – supremely sexy styling for the contemporary man. These are the looks you’ll want walking out of your salon.

Shot in black and white and styled with everything from rock star-esque leather and chains to sophisticated jackets, the muted collection is brought to life through the innovative hair styling. Braids, ponytails and long tousled locks reflect the current male long hair trend, while texturally diverse short cuts put new twists onto classic ideas and remind us why we’ve always loved these staple looks.

Whatever your preference, there’s something for everyone, proving that ‘Hot Men’ can, and should, be as general as possible.


Hair: Carole Haddad
Salon: Corcorz Hair, Brisbane, Australia
Photography: Glenn Krohn
Styling: Elio Moda

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Carole Haddad_mens_ 01


Carole Haddad_mens_ 02

Carole Haddad_mens_ 03

Carole Haddad_mens_ 06

Carole Haddad_mens_ 05

Carole Haddad_mens_ 04

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