It’s been almost three years since the genesis of Shagg Hair Studio in Bronte, Sydney, but the culture, community and quality of service would lead you to believe the salon has been a local stalwart for decades. In part, this is due to the healthy ethos, superior products and experience of salon owner Sky Beauchamp, all which are pivotal to the salon’s success. Also, as Sky tells it, partnering with Aveda from the get-go ensured top-tier education, necessary business support and a slew of ready and waiting clients who coveted Aveda products and services, on standby for when their doors first opened.

“I only started the business almost three years ago now and a lot of the business came because they knew of Aveda, so I aligned my brand with a brand that I already knew as a superior product,” Sky explained. “Also, the fact that they give ongoing education for everybody was important, and being a new business owner it was essential that they really supported me because there was a lot that I was learning.”

Sky is a talented hairdresser from Canada who has worked with Aveda for over 20 years, and started educating for them in North America. When she moved to Australia, she naturally started working at a local Aveda salon, but when that salon parted ways with the brand, she went out on her own to establish her own business aligned Aveda. As her partnership with Aveda has developed, she has become a Certified Hair Colour Educator for Aveda and a Lead in the National Aveda Style Team.

“The colour is the best colour on the market, I’ve been doing this for a long time so I’ve worked with a lot of brands, but since 1996 I’ve only worked with Aveda,” she shared.

Shagg Hair Studio was the realisation of that, and the salon itself complements Aveda in aesthetic and ethos.

“Most of the interior pieces in the salon are recycled, such as recycled drawers and mirrors, and some of the furniture has been shipped in from overseas from India, Bali and China,” Sky said. “It’s just a very neat, clean space, it has living plants, we try use live plants rather than cutting of flowers because it’s part of keeping things as healthy as possible and not taking away from the environment.”

“We recycle everything and artfully engage in conversation with every guest about why recycling is important,” she continued. “We do everything possible to be as environmental as possible.”

This eco-friendly mentality has been key in attracting the diverse but overall health-conscious clientele in Bronte, who put their hair salon in the same category of wellness and healthy living as their gym or yoga studio. The brand and this approach have also been pivotal to attracting staff, many of whom seek out businesses who stock and champion Aveda. Being a part of Shagg Hair Studio and the Aveda family has allowed the staff education opportunities, ambassadorship roles and elevation in their careers.

In-salon training from the birth of the salon was pivotal in ensuring the whole salon staff were immediately at the appropriate level in professional hair. Meanwhile education into the brand itself – from the Aveda products to the ingredients, packaging, philanthropic pursuits and community mindset – continues to expand the staff’s full understanding of Aveda as a brand, and keeps them working within the same ethos and towards the same goals.

For Sky herself as a business owner, the brand has been instrumental in supporting her in business, pushing her creatively, expanding her education opportunities through Australia and educating her in her business management role.

“The salon grew really fast, it happened fairly quickly, for myself the knowledge that I learned in the last thhree years has been outstanding, I never thought I would learn so much in the hairdressing world, and I think that’s my biggest accomplishment,” she shared. “Aveda have helped so much. I call someone up and ask for help in certain areas and they’re there every time I need any questions answered.”

“The brand tries to push me in different directions and support me as an educator,” she said. “I also do a lot of shows and they have kept really pushing for me to do those shows, as well as photos, social media and celebrities so I obtain a lot of work through them.”

Perhaps most importantly, Aveda is the ideal ideological fit for Sky and the Shagg Hair Studio staff and clients, leading the way in a strong brand ethos that permeates every facet of the business.

“Our clients are very specific about being healthy and conscious of the environment and what they’re putting in their skin and on their skin, so they’re healthy people,” Sky said of her consistent client based. “I built our clientele based on people who know what Aveda products are and then educating people further as we go.”

Speaking for herself and her long-term values, Sky is very much in sync with this holistic mindset. “I believe in the whole lifestyle of being a healthy person and I think most people in the world right now are trying to look for alternative to be healthy and be environmental,” she said. Aveda is really in line with my integrity in the business which is important.”

Harnessing Aveda’s product quality, ethos, education and reputation as a young business owner all the way until now, Sky has built far more than just a successful salon. She has also created a community culture of staff and clients that represents Aveda’s passion for togetherness, health and a holistic lifestyle within their four salon walls. Certainly, a story to aspire to.

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