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How Can You Achieve Smokestack Hair?

A good colourist can find inspiration in anything, from sand art, to mermaids, and yes, even this…


That’s right, the new must-have colour trend, aptly titled Smokestack Hair, is inspired by the rising plumes of smoke found in a smokestack like in the image above. What will the internet think of next?

Created by colourist Vadre Grigsby, collaborating with the always-innovating hair colour brand Pravana, the look layers six panels of purple shades that differ in their intensity levels. Starting with a triangular section at the nape of the neck which is coloured the darkest purple, the hair is separated into roughly 5 centimetre sections and coloured with increasingly lighter formulas.


Vadre utilised Pravana’s line of Vivids hair colour and aftercare, adding the purple shades to bleach blonde hair in order to achieve the look. You can see how the entire process was carried out in the video below.

Utilising colours in the order of royal purple, bright purple, periwinkle, another bright shade of purple, lavender and pale purple, the colour formulation ends up something like this.


When processed for 20 to 30 minutes, rinsed, cleansed, conditioned, had the appropriate after care applied and styled accordingly, the result is a multi-dimensional salute to every shade in the purple wheelhouse. Vibrant, creative and now definitively on trend, who knew a smokestack could be the basis for such stylish results?


While you’re painting on these layers of purple yourself, it’s a good time to remember that creative colour inspo can come from, literally, anywhere.

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