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How Did Your Salon Celebrate Halloween?

Last Saturday gave new meaning to the idea of Edward Scissorhands…


Halloween at Wild Life SOGO

While most people had the fortune of celebrating Halloween on a weekend, where they could dress up, party or trick or treat as necessary, we stylists were in salon, but predictably made the most of it.


Halloween at Royals Hair

Many clients having their hair styled for Halloween events that evening had their festivities begin early with a trip to the salon. Blood strewn walls and cobwebs adorned salons around the country, while stylists came in to work dressed as zombie brides, Frankensteins, pumpkins and more!


Halloween at Prema

With so much blood, your clients may have stopped trusting you with scissors.


Halloween at Royals Hair

Salons such as Prema, Stevie English Hair, Royals Hair, Wild Life and many more took the opportunity to spread the spookiness on social media, taking their creepy costumes to a wider audience and gaining some well-deserved online attention in the process.


Halloween at Wild Life SOGO

With the holiday season fast approaching, Halloween showcased the value in getting into the holiday spirit. Decorating, dressing up and involving your social media followers is not only a great way to boost salon morale, but a viable marketing tool as well.


Steve Corthine as a zombie clown at Stevie English Hair

Now good luck scrubbing that (fake, we hope) blood off the walls.


Halloween at Prema

How did your salon celebrate Halloween?

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