The world is currently going through one of the worst crises (or hopefully just the actual worst crisis) of our lifetimes, and the hairdressing industry is obviously not immune. Whether you’re continuing on in salon, shutting up shop for now or affected in any other ways, it’s a rough time for the community and beyond.

Times may be hard, but we’ve rounded up a list of ideas to hopefully offer a revenue boost, a dash of much needed creativity within the period of isolation and, importantly, a focus on our mental health and wellness within the crisis.

Take what’s useful to you and share it around.

Importantly, the Australian Hairdressing Council has a bevy of valuable resources that you can access to follow these ideas (and more) even further in the pursuit of wellness and solutions in every aspect of the crisis.

Financial Wellness

As we all go through this period of economic impact, the important thing is staying aware of what you’re entitled to from the government. The government has an allotment of funds, and the rare opportunity to access superannuation early, for businesses and employees financially impacted by the pandemic, as the response continues to develop. You can ascertain what you’re entitled to via the AHC resources.

Beyond the government capabilities, there may be some ways to improve cash flow under these difficult circumstances. Lean on retail sales and have your website and social media set up to both market, sell and deliver these items, which will become increasingly important as clients start to rely more heavily on self care.

Gift cards are another way to earn different revenue from loyal clients, especially when paired with a handy sale or promotion. Market these deals in-salon if you’re operating or on social media and through other online forums to inject cash flow now for services to come at a later time. Make use of your online and social channels as we turn to screen time even more, and then maximise any profit to be found through those channels.

Creative Wellness

With events, awards and education experiences dwindling, postponing and cancelling, it’s easy to become disengaged and uninspired – which, in this time of isolation and general despair, is more critical than you may think.

Turn to online areas of inspiration, whether it’s your favourite educator offering a free hairdressing class, editorial work coming at you from your feed or hairdressers you admire getting real on the ‘gram or elsewhere about what they’re experiencing. That ‘follow’ button has never been more pivotal as we all traverse this together, but apart.

Beyond hair, artists around the world from every industry are delivering classes, shows and other forms of entertainment from their isolated devices, offering flashes of creative inspiration and reprieve on your feed.

Mental Wellness

It’s more paramount than ever to focus on our own mental wellbeing, and check in with others, particularly staff. The Australian Hairdressing Council recommends pivotal actions such as exercise, breathing techniques, limiting engagement with the media to what is absolutely necessary and even journaling to write down any worries, fears and anxieties. It is also important to stay connected and keep involved with interests and hobbies as a crucial distraction.

Now more than ever we need to look out for our loved ones and community. Know the signs of deteriorating mental health, check in with each other often and be aware of support networks, helplines and resources available to you and others.

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