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How-To: 5 Steps For Creating Your Competition Collection

Awards season is back on with entries open in a number of major national competitions – if you’re a new to the game and looking at how to maximise your ability to create a winning entry, we have the help line right here. Learn the tricks or reinvent your strategy thanks to the creative minds of Bernard Gueit Studios – the Melbourne studio who have extensive experience in editorial.

Here, their 5 step guide to the editorial process will help you take your ideas from mere thoughts to actual creative products – you’re welcome!

Xiang Hair

1. Build Your Idea

In this stage of concept development, you first need to establish what you want to express, and form it around your skills, ideas, theme and the overall purpose behind the ideas. Use this to plan and build your budget and the logistics of the shoot from this place of inspiration and creativity.

2. Art Direction

In this second phase, it’s time to gather your team and lock in your concept entirely. Recruit a team who sees your vision and understands your aesthetic. Put research into booking the photographer, style team, beauty crew and models that complement your concept. Confirm your aesthetic with mood boards and vision boards, and ensure lighting, background, props and location work within the theme.

Bernard Gueit

3. Plan and Preparation

The production stage is when you’ll be at peak-organiser – lock in the times, date, equipment and catering, and ensure you have all wigs, hair extensions and props that are necessary, ready to go. Plan your time management so you’ll know where everyone needs to be and what they should be doing at each point of the day to ensure it runs smoothly, and make sure the whole team knows the logistics and aesthetic details beforehand.

Xiang Hair

4. The Shoot

This is, obviously, the pinnacle of the whole process. The team should be in sync and working together to execute the vision, with beauty, styling photography and lighting all working to realise the brief.

5. Post-Production

The final phase sees you selecting the images that truly capture your vision, and working with the photographer in elements of art direction, retouching and editing. Make sure your concept is clear and the story flows in the images.

Andrew Gueit

It’s a daunting process, for sure, but broken down step by step, the road to creating stellar editorial work and a major competition contender is entirely possible. Choose the right people, draw from your points of inspiration and harness your skills to achieve editorial success.

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