While salons aren’t officially locked down due to COVID-19 at this time, many have chosen to shut and at the very least, unfortunately, businesses have irrevocably changed with clients staying at home.

In this time of crisis, how can you empower your clients, solidify the relationship between client and salon and utilise marketing, social media, retail and bright ideas to reinvent your salon skills to your benefit during this unique time.

We spoke to salon owner, hairdresser and educator, the legendary Monique McMahon of Que Academy and Que Colour, to find out her first hand experience on dealing with this climate.

How can hairdressers empower clients with their hair at home in this time?

We can choose to empower our clients by sharing our knowledge with them – by creating customised hair and colour advice that will enable them to manage their needs at home while we ride out this time. I’m encouraging them to take this opportunity to detox and replenish their hair and scalp with goodness, and to up the ante and splash out on great quality, luxe hair care that will rebuild elasticity, brighten old colour and correct tone. We need to give them some of our trade secrets. By building confidence with at-home care routines, their hair and scalp health will be in the best possible condition for longer.

Why is this important?

We need to shift our mindset during these times. There is so much negativity surrounding us. Feeling good from within will keep us from sinking into a hole. It’s an important time to feel love around us, and to give it freely to ourselves. As an example, tell your clients to head out for a walk with a treatment in their hair. I love the lavender oil by Christophe Robin as it’s the ultimate lazy girls’ treatment and its lavender smell is so calming.

How is this helpful for both hairdressers and clients?

Hairdressers and clients have an incredible bond, and we need to keep that alive. It’s healthy for all of us. We’re calling our clients just to touch base and say hi, how are you and it’s been so good to talk to them all.

What other business tactics are you using in this time?

We are reaching out through our Instagram channels with lots of relevant content; how-to-at-homes, product advice and spending more time responding to DMs and specific requests. We’re also sending out tailored EDMs to our client base with custom messaging and product advice. It’s also a great opportunity to take the time to strategise for what’s ahead, and fine tune goals and objectives for your brand and business.

How are you using social media in this endeavour?

We love using social media. Our community is super active and is hungry for content right now. We use Instagram and Facebook to share our new tips and tricks and, of course, favourite products. It’s also been a great avenue for driving product sales through our online store. We’ve found our community has been even more active during this period and are really looking to us for advice and inspiration.

How else can salons use their skills in this time for the better?

We have an online store with 15 per cent off everything, and our clients are loving it! Even gift vouchers. It’s another way to support them on the journey ahead of us all, and show that we care.

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