Dynamic editorial and business awards continue to be a major facet of the hairdressing industry and, win or lose, you can still benefit from your entries and get the most out of awards season.

Business consultant Phil Jackson from Build Your Salon is here to offer his advice on how to market these awards to garner the most enthusiasm from your salon clients no matter the award or even your result.

“The interesting thing for me is that, as far as your customers are concerned, it doesn’t matter which awards you enter. They love seeing that you’re striving, growing and developing. There is also a lot to be gained from the entry process – it clarifies thinking and helps you recognise what a great job you’ve been doing,” Phil said. “Here’s how to get a lot of mileage out of entering awards, even if they aren’t top tier awards and even if you don’t win.”

Phil has three tips to smartly maximise these award entries.

“When you’re posting your entry make a big fuss with a ‘wish us luck!’ post,” Phil said. “Take a picture of you dropping your envelope into a post box. If the award is online entry fake it with a dummy envelope that you don’t actually post.”

The advice extends from social media to broader marketing about the entry and awards process.

“When you place as a finalist you are usually allowed to use a special logo and you should make a big noise including a local press release. Some of the bigger awards will even give you a template or contact local press for you,” he said.

“On finals night, you can create a whole story about getting glammed up, with lots of ‘wish us luck’ posts. That’s a lot of social media real estate. Of course, if you win there is a lot of fun to be had with posts and releases there too,” he added. “Enter anything that is free to enter, and don’t forget local awards too!”

Wise words – start entering!

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