It’s that time of year where we can actually start looking towards Christmas without running the risk of coming off as over eager – and while that means looking towards presents, festivities and some well-deserved time off for busy hairdressers, it also include looking at the business logistics of forced leave over the holiday period.

The Hair and Beauty Australia Industry Association is here to answer pressing questions, outline key dates and clear up any confusion when it comes to this time, so we can enter the holiday period feeling nothing about jubilation.


Question: Can I shut down my salon over Christmas and New Year?

Salons can close their salon over the notoriously slower Christmas and New Year’s period in a move called Annual Leave Shutdown, but must provide employees with written notice four weeks in advance. Salon owners must also detail the reasons for the shutdown, length of the shutdown and how many days of extra leave will be taken.

Question: What if salon employees don’t have enough annual leave?

The employer and employee must agree on either that employee taking advanced annual leave or unpaid leave over the shutdown period. However, if the employee doesn’t agree to either they must be paid an ordinary day rate for the shutdown, as employees can’t be forced to take unpaid leave.

Question: What about casual staff?

Your casual employees do not receive annual leave during this period, but still need to be notified that the salon is shutting down.

Question: What dates this year are public holidays and which are considered annual leave?

The public holiday dates for the holiday period this year are as follows:

• Christmas Day Sunday 25th December 2016
• Boxing Day Monday 26th December 2016
• Substitute Christmas Day Tuesday 27 December 2016
• New Year’s Day Sunday 1st January 2017
• Additional Day Monday 2nd January 2017

As well as this, there are additional leave hours for South Australia only:

• Christmas Eve between 7pm – 12 am Saturday 24th December 2016
• New Year’s Eve between 7pm – 12am Saturday 31st December 2016

Whatever days do not fall on these dates during the shutdown period will be considered annual leave.

If you don’t feel fully up to date on the logistics of Christmas, you can contact Hair & Beauty Australia on 1800 997 795 or visit Otherwise, there’s nothing left to do but plan your gifts and enjoy the time off!