Kylie Jenner knows how to keep her audience waiting… The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has finally stepped out (on social media and, you know, in actual life) with an all-new platinum hair change, after keeping fans guessing as to what new colour she would choose.

Before. @kyliejenner on Instagram

Although the reality star is naturally dark-haired, you’re probably used to seeing Kylie in a myriad of other colours and styles – and she really is the patron saint of rainbow hair for her army of Gen Z followers (Exhibits A and B here), but – spoiler – those changes are actually strategically worn wigs (as her hairdresser has personally informed us), now this change is for real.

During. Via Kylie Jenner’s snapchat

How do we know? Well, like most things in her life, Kylie snapchatted the process, initially with a black and white filter cleverly hiding her chosen tone, but eventually revealing the new look in all its glory (with a subtle caption that read ‘all my natural hair’ in case you were still confused).

After. Via Kylie Jenner’s snapchat

Heading off to New York Fashion Week with the drastic, fashion-forward look, the questions remain about how this will affect your salon and incoming requests from clients (especially those hailing from Kylie’s social media-savvy generation). Remember how Kim shocked us all by (very briefly) going platinum last year (this question is rhetorical – there’s no way you could you forget)? Kylie is a major influencer in her own right (see: Granny Hair and Denim Hair) and is known to spark mass hair revolutions. Her trading black hair for platinum blonde is bound to ignite some conversations about what is healthy, wise and even actually possible for your platinum-seeking clients. As we advised you when Kim opted for blonde, stay armed with the right information about time, price and condition for those who will now inevitably be prompted towards platinum blonde for their Spring/Summer look.

@kyliejenner on Instagram

Time will now tell what impact this will have on your salon (and just how many memes it will spark as well)… Good luck!

@kyliejenner on Instagram