The Australian Taxation Office wants small businesses to know that its reinvention means big changes – in a good way, writes Chloe Falivene.

Customer Service Representatives Using Headset Microphones

Extensive feedback has urged Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan to reduce red tape and ease some of the pain points between government and business. The focus has shifted to partnership, with increased help and support for everyone, from those just opening their first salon to others dealing with debt or expanding their reach and clientele.

Salon owners will find that technology and online services have been ramped up, making it easier to find help with a wide array of services. The ATO has created an app with a range of tools, calculators, and FAQs. They’ve also introduced a ‘click to chat’ feature on their website, and an option to schedule an after-hours call back, critical for salon owners who don’t work typical hours.

Perhaps the most important changes, however, will be to the relationship between your business and the ATO. When it comes to resolving disputes, or managing debt, the new emphasis is all on business viability – keeping you in control of your business so you can spend more time creating looks and less time on paperwork.

It’s exactly this kind of recognition of the pressures and challenges of owning and working in a small business that will endear the ATO to stylists everywhere.

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