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i.color Launch Colorscope Collection

i.color has launched their new colour collection, Colorscope, inspired by the tones and colours of the galaxy, celebrating brilliance of light colour and luminocity.


With i.colour’s palette of true-to-shade colours, or demi-permanent i.luminate, it is simple to capture the lights and hues of Colorscope by combining shapes, textures, and specially selected shades.


The cosmic brilliance of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, has inspired a range of bright hi-lift blondes, which interlock tone on tone with a soft shadow of overlay in a fusion of golden textures.

Multi-toned rich, fiery red under-colours with a deep base take inspiration from Mars, the Roman god of war, creating a cosmic clash of intense and kaleidoscopic colour.

2013-12-06 10.24.49

Colorscope’s amazing palette is bundled together in an easy to use discovery pack which includes a comprehensive trend book with step-by-step instructions for cutting and colour techniques to achieve this look. Throughout January and February, the pack is available at a promotional price.

For more information about i.color call 1300 365 172 or email

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