Indola have released five key looks that draw from international blogging trends, in the 2014 Smart Streetstyle Collection. The looks exude vintage chic, spinning contemporary styles on classic looks to surpass era with a timeless street aesthetic.

The first look, Beyond Retro, utilises a classic bob and quirky curls in order to modernise this classic style. Rich, textured colours that range from a honey blonde to auburn, darken the hair from root to tip, adding dynamically coloured layers to the mix.


Beyond Retro

Mono Mania uses graphic edges with a short cut and thick fringe, all in a deep black, with plenty of shine. The look is the perfect mix of corporate and casual, the sharp lines creating a look of androgyny that is softened at the edges.


Mono Mania

Uptown Girl is the collection at its most commercial, soft waves in a cool shoulder-length, brunette balyage with a shiny finish could be a salon favourite in their casualness and ease. The trendy street fashion complements the ultimate girl next door aesthetic.


Uptown Girl

Candy Gangstar creates the opposite vibe, catching the collection at its most editorial and avant-garde. The short crop could still be a salon staple, but its pastel-pink colour makes the look stand out. Bright, green fashion clashes with the hair in all the right ways, in an overall look that isn’t afraid to be bold.

Candy Gangstar

The final look, Cut Out, is all about layering, with subtle layers giving the tousled, dark haired style plenty of volume and body. The look is elegant and sophisticated in its clever use of layers to create texture, colour definition and movement. The model’s stylish cut-out dress mimics this sense of false simplicity.


Cut Out

The looks cover the full spectrum of street style and are sure to set salon trends in the coming seasons. Indola draws from the Internet’s biggest hair obsessions to deliver a smarter approach to street style.

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