Five courses pertaining to Instagram and YouTube management are coming to major Australian and New Zealand Cities. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Wellington will be treated to a two day course by Social Media Knowledge that addresses the most significant topics in the current social media market.

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In an obviously image orientated industry, harnessing the visual powers of YouTube and Instagram is a massive asset to stylists, salons and brands. Building a profile and capitalising on these networking and marketing opportunities is paramount in the modern salon and product industry.

The first day of the seminar will focus on the latest studies, statistics and research in Australian and New Zealand social media, as well as teaching attendees how to conduct social media with a purpose, create content stakeholders and garner followers. The second day will discuss research that applies to Instagram and YouTube in particular, Instagram marketing and YouTube promotion and advertising techniques.

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Utilising creative photography and video, and then sharing this content with the rest of the industry, can be a vital tool in establishing a business, a profile or a platform for other opportunities. The Social Media Strategy Development & Content Marketing Using Instagram & YouTube Course may be the first step to bigger things with social media as the launching pad.

The official lists of seminars are:
• Melbourne – 29-30 July
• Sydney – 31 July-1 August
• Brisbane – 7-8 August
• Wellington – 11-12 August
• Auckland – 14-15 August

Tickets are available online here. The early bird special ends on July 18.

For more information visit or call 1300 740 252