Congratulations to the winners of the 2021 Intercoiffure Australia Photographic Competition, who were announced on social media over the weekend in both Senior and Junior categories within this worldwide hairdressing fellowship and community.

“The Intercoiffure Board is thrilled with the number of entries considering the amount of disruption caused by COVID lockdowns around the country,” National Fashion Director, Terrina Brown said.  “Members entered one image for consideration but could enter a category as many times as they liked.

“We thank our entrants who worked hard with the resources they had to hand this year,” she said.  “Our competitions have been an important creative outlet for our members in these times.”

The esteemed judging panel consisted of 2021 AHIA Creative Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Dee Parker Attwood, 2021 AHIA Creative New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year, Danny Pato, Austrian hairdresser and Intercoiffure Mondial President, Peter Pfister and industry icon Benni Tognini. Celebrity hairdresser Joey Scandizzo was also on standby as tie-breaker judge.

“They assessed each category for appropriateness to the category, total look, technical skill, suitability of model, and overall appeal of the image and we are grateful for their invaluable contribution,” Terrina said. “All at Intercoiffure Australia are hoping that 2022 will be a better year with more freedoms for in-person development and photo shoots for hairdressers.”

See the full list below.

Overall Winner: Virginia Hill, Miles Wilson Hairdressing VIC (achieved the highest score out of 100 with 96/100).

Senior Femme Style Cut: Shannon Whyte, Head Hunters WA

Senior Homme Style:  Teresa Italiano, Cut Loose Hair design WA

Senior Editorial: James Calabria, Franco of Canberra ACT

Senior Colour Technician: – HIGHLY COMMENDED – Alison Matthews, Individual Hair Care NSW

Senior Avant Garde: Virginia Hill, Miles Wilson Hairdressing VIC

Junior Editorial:  Cody Nash, Franco of Canberra ACT

Junior Homme: Jacinta Tapner, Individual Hair Care NSW

Junior Avant Garde: – HIGHLY COMMENDED – Jacinta Tapner, Individual Hair Care NSW