Log in to Facebook this Sunday, October 24 and 8pm AEDT, where Intercoiffure Australia will announce their Australian Photographic Competition winners on Facebook Live at @IntercoiffureAustralia. The competition will award both junior and senior hairdressers, providing some much needed celebration in 2021.

“This is an annual competition that is one of many creative, fellowship and business activities that Intercoiffure offers our members,” said National Fashion Director, Terrina Brown. “Naturally, due to lockdowns, members in some states were not able to shoot or enter so numbers of entries were down this year, but we hope that things will be on the improve for 2022 as lockdowns ease.”

Intercoiffure continues to embolden talented hairdressers with initiatives and competitions like these. Earlier this year they held their first apprentice photographic competition, titled Goat 21, which simply required salon work photographed on smart phones for entries.

 “This was which was a real hit with apprentices as we made the competition really accessible and easy to enter,” Terrina said.

Tune in this Sunday for the online event and celebrate hairdressers and hairdressing institutions that continue to propel the industry, even within the difficulties of the past two years. We can’t wait to see who wins!

For more information visit www.facebook.com/IntercoiffureAustralia