The International Hairdressing Awards have kicked off proceedings for 2021 by announcing those on the pre-nominee shortlist for their two major, non-entrant awards – International Hairdresser of the Year and International Artistic Team of the Year. Dozens of talented hairdressers and teams from all around the globe have been named and we’re very proud of our Australian representatives!

2020 International Hairdressing Awards Winners

Congratulations to two 2020 winners, Dee Parker Attwood and Lisa Polini, who won Best International Avant-garde Collection and Best International Women’s Commercial Collection respectively at this year’s awards, as well as Craig Smith, all of whom were pre-nominated as International Hairdressers of the Year. Well done as well to International Artistic Team of the Year pre-nominees from Australia, Papas and Pace, Stevie English Hair and Tsiknaris Hair.

These skilled hairdressers and salons now compete for a nomination spot with other talented industry leaders from around the world. For other categories – Best International Men’s Collection, Best International Women’s Collection and Best International Avant-Garde Collection – entries open for all willing hair artists on June 24. Entrants simply need to sign up online and upload photographic collections of four pictures of four different hairdressing looks, photographed professionally and submitted in high res. There are no participation fees and entries close on September 23rd.

On October 16th, finalists will be named virtually in a live stream from a gallery located in Salón Look Madrid. Then, the awards will take place in February next year, with a new and innovative format still to be revealed.

Congratulations to the pre-nominees – listed below.

International Hairdresser of the Year Pre-Nominees

Alexander Lepschi (Austria)
Alexey Osipchuk (Russia)
Angelo Seminara (UK)
Anna Pacitto (Canada)
Antoinette Beenders (USA)
Arjan Bevers (Netherlands)
Candice McKay (South Africa)
Carlos Valiente (Spain)
Chris Baran (USA)
Christophe Gaillet (France)
Christos Michailidis (Greece)
Chrystofer Benson (USA)
Cos Sakkas (United Kingdom)
Craig Smith (Australia)
Daniele Dragotta (Germany)
Danny Pato (New Zealand)
Darren Ambrose (United Kingdom)
Dee Parker-Attwood (Australia)
Dicksum Low (Malaysia)
Dmitriy Vinokurov (Russia)
Dudi Ben Harush (Israel)
Egidio Borri (Italy)
Errol Douglas (United Kingdom)
Harri Akerberg (Finland)
Ivan Rodriguez (Mexico)
Jose Boix (Spain)
Julia Vorontsova (Russia)
Julie Vriesinga (Canada)
Kylie Hayes (New Zealand)
Laetitia Guenaou (France)
Leona Michalova (Czech&Slovak)
Lisa Polini (Australia)
Lorenzo Marchelle (Italy)
Lucian Busuioc (Romania)
Manuel Mon (Spain)
Marco Chan (Hong Kong/China)
Mark Leeson (United Kingdom)
Mego Ayvazian (Lebanon)
MM Bahcecik (Turkey)
Pascal Lombardo (France)
Pavel Okhapkin (Russia)
Petra Mechurova (Czech Republic)
Porky Chu (Hong Kong/China)
Robert Eaton (United Kingdom)
Ryu Miyazaki (Japan)
Said Rubaii (Germany)
Sally Brooks (United Kingdom)
Sebastian Curyło (Poland)
Silas Tsang (Canada)
Silvia Aranza (Argentina)
Thanos Zaimis (Greece)
Tracy Newton (Canada)

International Artistic Team of the Year Pre-Nominees

Avanti Kappers (Netherlands)
Art Hair Studios (Italy)
Beauty Underground (USA)
Bellus (Hong Kong/China)
Bundy Bundy (Austria)
Gandini Team (Italy)
Hakan Kose Difference (Turkey)
Harmony Hair (Canada)
HCG Team (Greece)
HOB Salons (United Kingdom)
Hooker & Young (United Kingdom)
Maison Gerard Laurent (France)
Mark Leeson Art Team (United Kingdom)
Medley Academy (France)
Mi (Hong Kong/China)
Papas and Pace (Australia)
Prestige Telis Kikeris (Greece)
Rush Hair (United Kingdom)
Saco Hair (United Kingdom)
Salon by Instyle Design Team (USA)
Salon Michal Zapoměl (Czech Republic)
Sanrizz (United Kingdom)
Shy + Flo (Switzerland)
Stevie English Hair (Australia)
Studio Delux (Russia)
Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team (United Kingdom)
Toni&Guy (United Kingdom)
Tsiknaris Hair (Australia)
ULTA Beauty Design Team (USA)
Vinokurov Academy (Russia)
X-Presion (Spain)
Zoom Hairstyling (Taiwan)