The International Hairdressing Awards are back for 2021 in their third iteration, announcing their upcoming calendar that will culminate in a February 2021 awards event in a new format, as yet to be detailed.

The awards kick off as early as next week, with June 22nd 2020 marking the date of the unveiling of the pre-nominated shortlist for International Hairdresser of the Year and the International Artistic Team of the Year. On June 24, entries open for hairdressers all over the globe in the competition’s other categories. Entrants simply need to sign up online and upload photographic collections of four pictures of four different hairdressing looks, photographed professionally and submitted in high res. There are no participation fees and entries close on September 23rd.

The two categories above – International Haidresser of the Year and International Artistic Team of the Year – require pre-selection, but remaining categories include Best International Commercial Men’s Collection, Best International Commercial Women’s Collection and Best International Avant-Garde Collection, which are open to entries from any and every hairdresser. Two additional categories, International Hair Legend of the Year and International Hair Influencer of the Year, are decided and facilitated by the organising committee and can’t be entered.

On October 16th, finalists will be named virtually in a live stream from a gallery located in Salón Look Madrid. Then, the awards will take place in February next year, with a new and innovative format still to be revealed.

The International Hairdressing Awards continue to elevate, innovate and revolutionise the global awards sphere as they also unite our international hairdressing industry. Here’s to creativity and skill flourishing and continuing to be honoured through formats such as these. Get your entries ready!

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