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Introducing Beauty Brand Garbo & Kelly

Local Australian brand Garbo & Kelly launched late last year with a product lineup and philosophy that focuses on perfect brows, chiselled cheeks and defined lips, writes Tam Allenby.

Garbo & Kelly draws inspiration (and, of course, its name) from two of Hollywood’s most influential and independent female actors, Greta Garbo and Grace Kelly, who were both renowned for their classic features and feminine strength.

Founder of Garbo & Kelly, Carolyn Fox, studied under renowned brow expert Anastasia Soare in her Beverly Hills salon in 2004. Fox is one of only a select few to have been personally trained by Anastasia Soare; a privilege given the expert’s time was in such high demand.

Based at her Gold Coast salon for decades, Fox has made her mark in the beauty world and is one of the most highly respected and sought-after brow technicians in the industry. The ‘Eyebrow Queen’ has also been featured as one of Australia’s top brow experts in Harper’s Bazaar, NW Celebrity Hair and Beauty, and the pages of INSTYLE.

The Garbo & Kelly brand statement underlines this commitment to timeless beauty that drives the brand: “We believe that every woman deserves beautiful products and tools to create, correct, camouflage and enhance our timeless beauty, which gives us the confidence to conquer all elements of our day,” it reads. “Our vision is to provide expert knowledge and the highest quality products to create balance for urban glamour and harmony.”

Their philosophy is that beauty starts with perfectly shaped brows, the arched angles providing a focal point around which to shape and contour the face.

“Professional eyebrow shaping has swiftly evolved from a trend to an essential beauty ritual,” says Carolyn Fox. “Nothing else gives the face an instant lift and a noticeably enhanced, polished and elegant look.”

Garbo & Kelly’s product lineup reflects their three-step approach to beauty and makeup: “Fill and enhance your brows to highlight your most youthful feature. Balance with beautiful well defined lips. Create definition by contouring your bone structure for a Hollywood finish.”

Starting with the brows, Garbo & Kelly have a Gel, Pomade, Powder, Perfection Pencil, and a number of brushes and tools, as well as a range of five Brow Guides that replicate the classic brow shapes of Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. The brand even offers high-tech beauty options – such as an all-important selfie light!

Complementing the brow products and tools are two Contour Kits – aimed at the ‘Instagirl’ and the ‘Millennial’ respectively – along with an Eyeshadow Palette and a Highlighting Kit.

Also separating Garbo & Kelly from the rest is their cruelty-free, 100 per cent vegan credentials, and the products themselves which come bound in a recyclable, cushioned cardboard frame.

If you haven’t already realised, brows aren’t just a trend. Garbo & Kelly want to make sure that every woman has the access and tools to create a superstar look. Whether you can add this to your salon as a beauty offering or watch it become your own personal makeup obsession (or both) – Garbo & Kelly is a beauty brand worth supporting.

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