A new frontier in hair and beauty tutorials is one day away from the palm of your hand.

A series of 90-second long beauty videos are about to hit your screen, with the global launch of beautytube this week. Tips, tricks and advice from Esstudio Galleria co-founders, hairstylist Aleks Abadia and Beauty Therapist Jacqui Arnold are available in areas of hair, beauty and nails, ideal for professionals and consumers alike.

beautytube hair iphone
Aleks Abadia in a beautytube tutorial

The channels will feature how-to’s by Aleks and Jacqui, as well as collaborations with international stylists, makeup artists, celebrities, editors and bloggers. It will also be a platform for brands to launch or showcase their products in full.

The initiative exposes the benefits of social media – where multiple channels can be used to showcase each look more comprehensively. Each video will be accompanied by a pictorial step-by-step on the channel’s Pinterest page, while the videos will be hosted on both the brand’s website and Youtube channel.

beautytube makeup iphone

“Ninety seconds is half a pop song, a Facebook check, or a bathroom break. Or with beautytube, it could be an at-home makeover,” the duo said. “We created the channel to provide a platform for everyday women to learn their own techniques and enable them to get the looks we provide them with in the salon, on their own.”

beautytube nails iphone

Whether appealing to the beauty-addict in all of us or providing new professional hair tips in one convenient place, beautytube is a welcome new addition to our favourites bar.

For more information visit beautytube.com.au or go straight to the Youtube channel here.