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Introducing Colombre: The new rainbow hair trend

It seems every week the internet is fusing two existing looks into an entirely new trend (‘bronde’, we’re looking at you). This week ‘Colombré’ – that’s colour plus ombré, if that wasn’t already obvious – is the talk of the online town, jumping off the pages of Instagram and into your salon, stat.


Imagery by Danny Moon for Pravana

This new take on rainbow hair is courtesy of Hollywood colourist Danny Moon, styling for Pravana, the colour brand who previously brought you the alluring Sand Art hair look. The Colombré trend is centred on the ombré effect utilising rainbow tones, meaning instead of lightening the bottom of your clients’ strands to blonde or a softer brunette – think teal or lilac instead.


This means the top of the hair will have a darker, natural shade, while the bottom of the hair will gradually lighten to soft, pastel colours or even vivid, rainbow shades, either in just one tone or a multitude of different colours. Danny recommends colouring in horizontal sections to soften the line of demarcation, making the shift from natural to bright and each colour to colour seamless.

There’s a bevy of inspo available on Instagram, simply by searching the now widely used hashtag #colombre. Thanks Internet!


The trend is ideal for the clients who aren’t yet ready to make the jump to full on rainbow, or your more adventurous clients who want a still-bold but more subtle style. Considering the number of tones, level of colours and transformation from natural to rainbow are all up to you, this is a look you can personalise and discover the more you try it.

We know you’re keen to start.


Image via Teen Vogue

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