The new Hair Clip-in Hair Pieces from Fronis Hair are perfect for your clients wanting to add length, thickness and colour to their hair, writes Ruth Cooper.

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Fronis Hair Clip-in Hair Pieces

With the ability to be worn curly or straight, on special occasions or every day, premium quality Fronis Hair Clip-in Hair Pieces are available in 43 different colours, meaning there really is a set for everyone.

The hairpieces, which are made of 100% remy human hair, are extremely easy to use and can be applied in minutes. With the cuticles all going in the same direction, the pieces are also tangle free and sit well after being shaped into a clientโ€™s haircut. Each set comes with 1 x 90g piece and 1 x 30g piece, ensuring natural-looking coverage.

Small silicone supported clips on the end allow for a seamless finish around the hairline, and larger silicone supported clips allow for security and support.

According to Dimitrios Fronis, founder of Fronis Hair, the hair pieces are โ€œa hair fashion accessory, not taking over in-salon hair extension services but rather adding another opportunity to increase the service and retail ticket.โ€

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