QT Sydney’s luxe Barbershop manned up as the perfect launch pad for the brutally blokey men’s styling and grooming range, OL’BASTARDS – a relevant and easy to navigate line up that makes men feel like men again, writes Cameron Pine.

The brainchild of hairdresser brothers Matt and Danny Semrany, OL’BASTARDS takes the guess work out of men’s grooming with a completely Australian made and manufactured product portfolio. Putting masculinity and nostalgia back into a modern line up of products, it’s everything male clientele need and nothing they don’t.

A swag of industry creatives, barbers influencers and stylish names showed up to celebrate the official launch of a simple collection that smells as good as it looks – smooth, strong with a hint of Ol’ Bastard.

A pop-up bar with a regular flow of Old Fashions, Patron Tequila and Espresso Martini’s wet Wednesday’s whistle and warmed up the intimate barber space- we saw some leading designers including Luke Sales from Romance Was Born, Mikey Nolan (Double Rainbouu). Well known industry names such as Richard Kavanagh mingled alongside Arnott Olssen (Rogue Homme), Sydney Men’s Styles Hass Murad and the shiny boy next door Sam Wines – aiding an impressive guest list. Basically a bunch of good blokes celebrating great work of other good blokes it seems became the perfect recipe to be an Ol’ Bastard.

Allowing men’s grooming salons, hairdressers and barbers to use and recommend just one range of products for men, the idea started (not only from the fact that the majority of the duos clients are male) but they were sick of using multiple brands and different products from different companies, “It was time to develop a range that is simple and refined and allows men to be men again,” Danny said.

Jimmy Niggles and magician Ben Orson

“We wanted a brand that sells confidence to men – that represents a certain type of man, who has the confidence of an Ol’ Bastard and a level of masculinity and strength that is stoic,” Danny said.

Believing that their products and brand philosophy alone can add to the value of a man, the range doesn’t just celebrate fades and the latest men’s fads – length and texture are celebrated through a smoothing shampoo and a hero Volume Dust that added epic levels of volume to those trying out the products on the night. What man doesn’t want volume and strength? A key touch point behind being a true Ol’ Bastard.

Feeling more like a saloon filled with Ol’ Bastards than a barber shop, Danny kept the formalities short and sweet, “People are often scared to do something different and whether you are dapper and rocking a classic look or setting trends we believe every man is superior in some way,” Danny said.

With more than three years of development and a hell of a lot of ideas behind the brand and a toast with hopefully many more to come.

“And if everyone loves the brand and we do all this without anyone noticing the growth and struggle, that’s stoic,” he said.

Educating the room via an entertaining disposition with a few solid one liners rather than a long rambling brand presentation, the story of a high performance grooming line in premium packaging – that harks back to the golden days of men who groomed daily – the story of OL’BASTARDS is told through anecdotes; ‘I’m confidence enough to stand toe to toe, I’m stoic enough to let you know this ain’t a joke and I’m proud enough to know I’m an Ol’ Bastard.’

Black, gold, white and a lived in almost grey ‘off-white’ master the neat line up of six products – a Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, Volume Dust, Smoothing Shampoo, Matte Clay and Pomade – everything a man needs to look his best.

From a salon (barbershop) to blokes all over, it takes a hell of a lot of performance and a strong brand identity to invigorate the men’s market, but thanks to a bunch of salon loyalists, cool kids and a philosophy that truly celebrates the art of men’s styling – the future isn’t just looking strong, it’s looking like we are set to have a whole bunch of blokes around town with the confidence to be an Ol’ Bastard.

For more information visit olbastards.com