As a hairdresser, you’ll be all too aware of the aches and pains that can come with certain repetitive styling stances and the need to be on your feet all day. To combat this, a former hairdresser has devised a pilates program specifically for hairdressers, and the program is all available online.

The innovative system comes courtesy of Susa Wynne-Hoelscher, who, after struggling through personal health issues, turned her focus to health and wellbeing.

Fit woman doing stretching pilates exercises in fitness studio

“After my brush with Breast Cancer ten years ago – and selling Hair Expo, our salon and school to take some time away from ‘worklife’, I developed a passion and strong desire to not only give my body a new lease on life, inside and out, but to also help others do the same,” Susa explained. “So, I continued my passion for Pilates and became a fully certified Pilates Instructor!”

Susa has utilised these new Pilates skills to grow in stature, feel younger and reignite her energy for life. She also uses her background as a hairdresser to specifically target physical problems created in the salon.

“I have developed an understanding of just how effective Pilates is in addressing hairdressing postural issues, aches and pains, repetitive strains and the basic body health that we all need to sustain a successful, profitable and busy career behind the chair,” she said. “I know just how hectic life became for me as a creative hairdresser, in the salon, on a shoot or backstage – and just how taxing it can be on your body.”

Susa Wynne-Hoelscher

Susa has turned this know-how into a Pilates instructing business, Be Fit Pilates, filming easy exercise videos that hairdressers can access online. Stylists can obtain several free workout videos or pay to gain access into the members only area. These videos provide excericse systems hairdressers can implement in their free time, as often as every day, to change their heath and lifestyle. Go for it!

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