In March, matrix debuted a major brand refresh, focusing its core brand values around inclusivity in a new, vibrant way.

Bringing this brand mantra to life, matrix is introducing their squad of local brand ambassadors; a group of inspiring individuals who use their respective platforms to empower others to THINK, BELIEVE, DREAM and DARE through their hair and every facet of life.

These brand custodians reflect matrix’s uplifting nature and will carry this brand ethos throughout the year and beyond.

At matrix, everyone is welcome – all hair types, all humans.

So… who’s in the squad?

The Thinkers

The thinkers reveal the possibilities of life if you think a little differently, inspiring those around them in the process.

Sarah Davidson


Sarah is a lawyer and ‘funtrepreneur’ particularly working in wellness, where she uses her blog, Instagram platform and ‘Seize the Yay’ podcast to help her audience find joy in their lives and move away from perfectionism and the glorification of being busy. Sarah is also a published author, using her book also titled ‘Seize the Yay’ to help anyone reach their fullest potential, and be their happiest selves in doing so.

Sam James


Sam is the director of SJ Establishment in Adelaide and has been a member of the matrix artistic team for the last 2 years. She boasts 18 years in the salon industry, pushing creative boundaries and picking up awards such as Hair Expo SA/TAS Hairdresser of the Year for 2018 and 2019 and AHFA SA/TAS Hairdresser of the Year for 2017 – all testaments to her ability to elevate her craft beyond expectation.

The Believers

The believers highlight how drive, determination and a strong sense of self can be reflected in the most beautiful and elevated art.

Rachael Sarra


As a contemporary Aboriginal artist from Goreng Goreng Country, Rachael uses art as a powerful tool in storytelling to educate and share Aboriginal culture and it’s evolution. Rachael’s work challenges and explores themes of society’s perception of what Aboriginal art and identity is and her bold depiction of this heritage and belief system is paired with a fierce advocacy for representation and visibility for First Nations people. Rachael and her work were central to matrix’s Art of Gifting campaign, released in March.

Kobi Bokshish


Kobi has been hairdressing for over 26 years and is the director of Intershape Hair in Bondi. Additionally, he has been with matrix for 4 years and is the current Artistic Director for the brand. His years of experience and lifetime achievements are a reflection of how passionately he strives to consistently better his work, and the belief he has in the people around him to help him learn and develop to greatness.

The Dreamers

These dreamers embody how carving your own path can showcase the limitless possibilities that matrix inspires its clients and consumers to achieve constantly.

Jessica Vander Leahy


Jessica is an international journalist, model, writer and podcaster whose powerful and important voice champions inclusivity and body positivity. Her experience as a seasoned journalist and model are reflected in her platform Project WomanKIND, a vehicle for empowering and uplifting other women. Her dream like essence and disregard for limitations are a beacon of confidence and resilience, shining on everyone that she is met with.

Mat Johnson


Mat has been a hairdresser for 18 years and has spent 9 years with matrix, creating iconic looks in his work for the brand and in his salon MJ Hair in Adelaide. Mat is the perfect bridge between a beautiful dream and an unlimited reality as his work is no stranger to bold colour, edgy styling and an energy that is only akin to a stunning fantasy.

The Daring

The daring are shining examples of unapologetic uniqueness. They highlight the inclusivity that matrix holds core to its ethos and continue to inspire those around them.

AJ Clementine


AJ is a pioneering digital creator and transgender model using her platform to advocate, educate and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ and Asian communities. AJ’s lived experience and what she shares in her work empowers others to follow in her path, showcasing her resilience and strong sense of identity. AJ’s daring nature is reflected every day and in every conversation she has regarding herself and her gender.

Tarik Jasarevic


Tarik is the creative director of Mr.T Salon in Melbourne and has been a hairdresser for 25 years, a career he began in Germany. He is renowned for his cutting edge, short styles and vibrant colour finishes and educates and inspires other hairdressers to take risks and create bold work.

This group of astounding individuals champion everything that matrix celebrates now and moving forward.

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