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Isabelle Lucas Fronts All-New Skincare Range

Natural cleaning-product manufacturers ENJO have stepped out from traditional cleaning and into skin-cleansing, and they have actress and environmentalist Isabel Lucas at their side as they do it. The company has manufactured a new range of skincare tools, launching Santé by ENJO and introducing the range to beauty media at Flying Fish Pyrmont, fittingly surrounded by the location’s natural ambiance.

The skincare products are a set of makeup remover pads, a face glove or a bamboo face towel. The natural products just need to be wet with water and wiped on the face to clear, hydrate and refresh the skin – no additional products necessary. The routine aims to replace chemical cleansers with these specifically woven reusable fibres, and to change the beauty routine of all beauty consumers. The products are hand-woven in Austria and come in a range of colours (Blush, Ocean and Lilac), to ensure any bathroom and beauty bag looks trendy.

“My favourite part about Santé is that it’s environmentally friendly, that’s really important to me,” Isabelle said. “It’s awesome to be able to collaborate with a brand that cares about its footprint on the planet. For me, I love that about Santé.”

At the event, the brand lauded Isabelle as someone who supports the environment and natural beauty, making her the ideal ambassador for ENJO, who prizes using fewer chemicals which are of less harm to us and the planet.

“Isabel Lucas really does personify everything Santé stands for, natural beauty, harmony with the elements and love for the earth, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with her and to have her as the face of Santé by ENJO,” shared Barb de Corti, Founder and CEO of Santé by ENJO.

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