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Jennifer Aniston’s 9 Best Hair Looks

She’s known for revolutionising 90s hair with ‘The Rachel’ (as well as for, you know, being Jennifer Aniston), but Jen’s hair trajectory has been anything but one-note since that trademark haircut.

To celebrate the actress’ birthday tomorrow, we’ve gathered some of our favourite Jennifer Aniston hair looks. While she has made no secret of her distaste for ‘The Rachel’ (how dare she?), this collection of bobs, braids and different colour tones have been definite hair highlights.

Which look is your favourite?

1. We had to start this list where both her career and hair journey began – ‘The Rachel’ was and still is an iconic look of the 90s and the show that defined that era, Friends.


2. This subtle braid is perhaps a little more sophisticated. The perfect addition to cascading, blonde locks at the 2009 Oscars.


3. This short blunt cut is Jen at her most edgy – a cool crop we’re sure your clients would love to emulate.

Jennifer Aniston (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)

4. In a slightly longer and more textured ‘lob’ fashion, Jen masters every length in her natural blonde hue.


5. In a warm brunette tone, this cut works just as well, with Jen’s hair as sleek and shiny as ever.


6. Long, straight brunette locks, in a warm, darker colour, are worn exceptionally well with a straight fringe and tied up in the perfect casual ponytail.


7. Clearly a fan of the singular braid, this asymmetrical style is an original take on red carpet glamour.


8. Worn dead straight and tied up with a long side fringe, Jen’s black blazer and gold accessories finish this business chic look.


9. The very picture of the All American Woman – happy birthday Jen!


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