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Jessica Alba’s 10 Best Hair Looks

Jessica Alba turns 34 today (happy birthday!), giving us the opportunity to look back at decades of her hair looks. You probably remember that she chopped her hair into a bob last year, but did you remember that she sported red hair? Dark brown? Blonde? And an impressive variety of braids? If not we’re here to remind you, with this comprehensive list of some of her best and most varied hair looks.

1. It’s hard to believe that this curly-haired, rosy-cheeked picture is only from 1999. How far she’s come.


2. Who hasn’t flirted with blonde at some point, which Jessica rocks here in a very stylish bob?


3. A complete colour turn around, Jessica sports dark here in a trendy-before-her-time wet look.


4. What’s better than one crown braid…? (The answer is two).


5. Jessica looked edgiest in her dalliance with red.


6. This intricate braided side ponytail is definitely a complex street style that you can try in your salon.


Image via PopSugar

7. Here, Jessica wears the best kind of dark brunette hair – shiny and sleek.  BangsKW

8. An impressive level of volume is the defining factor of this red carpet look.


9. This asymmetrical, retro look comes complete with an always-welcome side braid.


10. Jessica looks elegant and classy with the aforementioned 2015 bob – a total winner.


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