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Jo Bellamy Hair Profile

It’s a tale as old as David and Goliath. Jo Bellamy Hair is another fine example that size doesn’t matter.

If there’s any business that gives credence to the concept of ‘substance, not size’, it’s Jo Bellamy hair. The nine-year-old salon only took on staff in its fifth year, previously resting on Jo’s shoulders alone, and now operates with a small, cohesive, creatively-minded team, who are winning awards, innovating editorially and running the business all at once. Bigger isn’t necessarily better.


The team settled into a new Mosman home in May, a bright, industrial-style space, which resembles a cross between a warehouse and a New York loft. Tall ceilings create an open feel, while the interior elements are all textural details favoured by Jo herself. Think exposed brick with copper piping and solid hard wood cutting stations. “I designed the space to be highly functional and also comfortable with each station giving our clients a private space to relax,” said Jo of the intimate feel to the salon.


Growing her solo efforts to what is now a team of four was a leap of faith for Jo, built on the back of a vow to be more involved in the industry, push the envelope editorially and try her hand at competitions. With big wins, new aesthetics and the flourishing team, it’s no wonder Jo refers to the decision as a ‘rewarding challenge’, one that hasn’t just seen her grow a business, but establish her own brand.

“I decided that if the business was going to grow beyond me, I needed to be more actively present within the industry, creatively I needed this as well,” she shared. “When it came to recruitment I felt that this was the best way to attract like-minded people. We all enter into this industry because we love to create, so for me it made sense to nurture this.”

It turns out innovating creatively and building a team do go hand in hand, with Jo admitting that organising a shoot and developing a concept together was key in harnessing the team’s collective creativity and giving them an outlet to express themselves. This artistry then follows them back to the salon.


Jo Bellamy Hair Artistic Team: Jo Bellamy, Letitia Booth, Veronica Gojak; Photographer: Karla Majnaric; Make-up: Isabella Schimid; Stylist: Emma Cotterill

“We are definitely known for our colour work,” Jo said. “I adore working with colour and I believe that it is an important fundamental element in the design and definition of shape, texture and contrast within the hair.”

With the move now behind them, the team focus is back on editorial, competitions and catering to new and existing clienteles. “I hope that the future for us brings continued growth both for the business and creatively within the industry,” Jo concluded; growth not necessarily in size, but definitively in stature.

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