There’s change in the air at JONNY+JUNE, a salon renowned within Sydney’s Darlinghurst area, which has recently changed its aesthetic and premises, moving to Paddington and releasing their own products that represent their well-known salon brand.

Now located on Glenmore Road, the salon is situated near Sydney’s famous Oxford Street. Their all-new aesthetic was inspired by the building itself, creating continuity from the feature ivy vine found outside, and ensuring it flows inside, ensuring a natural harmony between internal and external.

The space itself acts as the hero element of the premises, with the interior design purposefully kept simple and minimalist, anchored by raw wood. A unique facet of the design is the salon’s floating ceiling, while a wall made of greenery becomes something of a salon centrepiece. Soft cream cement floors and natural light finish the space with an air of calm and serenity, and the services are conducted in the same manner, as led by Creative Director and editorial and celebrity hairdresser Simon Bright.

The salon has expanded its empire, along with the move, now launching its own products in line with the brand ethos. A JONNY+JUNE Original Shampoo and Conditioner have been launched, imbued with a delicate citrus fragrance (a scent that permeates the salon as well). The products are designed to be vegan friendly, paraben free, and use Australian certified organic extracts.

The salon exudes its usual luxury, with its high-class aesthetic and a selection of organic teas served in fine china tea cups, flutes of champagne or even after-five cocktails – which are signature to the salon. It’s this sense of ingenuity and luxury that pervades every facet of the business.

We look forward to what they do next.

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