Just Cuts is spreading the word about R U OK Day, calling on clients and salons across Australia to wear yellow in their hair to raise awareness and funds for this important cause.

The Salon Group hopes to donate $5000 to the non-profit suicide prevention organisation and spark digital conversations around the important topic on this annual day dedicated to mental health.

“Times are tough for many right now, whether it’s our small business owners in lockdown or our clients missing our salons. However, all our stylists were still keen to contribute to R U OK in 2021,” said Just Cuts CEO Amber Manning. “Every year our owners support R U OK, we ensure we’re supporting their mission – to start conversations. So given many of us are stuck at home what better way than social media this year.”

The campaign can apply to anyone nationally, even those in lockdown. Consumers and hairdressers simply need to add yellow to their hair on September 9, uploading the images on social media under the hashtag #justcutsRUOK or #justiceRUOK. Just Cuts will donate $1 toward R U OK for every tag.

“You don’t need to dye your hair, you can use beanies, ribbons, headbands, hats and berets. Have fun with your photos and start a conversation using the tags #justcutsRUOK and/or #justiceRUOK,” Amber said. “Everyone’s mental health has taken a hit during the pandemic, so this R U OK day Just Cuts is making it easy for you to connect online and protect each other while we help raise vital funds.”

To support this initiative visit https://join.ruok.org.au/fundraisers/justcuts/add-a-splash-of-yellow-to-your-hair-for-r-u-ok-day