Welcome the Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative, a directive by the Kao Salon Division, which houses Goldwell and KMS, solely focused to helping salons recover from the crisis. The initiative involves three pillars of constructed support to guide the industry through its unique challenges in 2020, whether those salons are currently closed, trading or in the process of re-opening. The company aims to deliver important, tangible resources for salons and individuals to utilise in the effort of bouncing back better than ever, as centred on aspects of financial, creative and community support.

“Our priority during this crisis has been to galvanise our efforts around the full and complete recovery of the industry as a whole, with special focus our partners and stylists,” said Cory Couts, Global President, Kao Salon Division. “We know the needs and concerns of the salon community are very specific. That’s why we designed this initiative to not only to commit global resources, but local, real solutions for their recovery. We believe in the power of the collective and know that by meeting this incredibly powerful community where they are, and joining them on their journey, together we will grow, rise and create the future.”

The first tenet of this initiative is the Stronger Together pillar, built on the company’s financial support and partnership, as individually tailored to each international market. In Australia, the group will sponsor free-to-industry opportunities to receive business recovery insight and information and work with salon customers to arrive at a support plan for success upon resuming full operation.

The initiative’s second pillar is in artistry, namely Creativity Never Stops. The pillar builds on creativity as an essential facet of the industry, motivating artistry in the industry at this time with access to digital and online education programs that offer relief and inspiration to isolated stylists. It also evolves the annual Goldwell Creative Awards into an entirely virtual experience, adjusting entry dates to expand participation. Hopefully this now digital event will continue to inspire and build international community from our screens.

The third tenet of the initiative is titled Kao Salon Family, which delivers relevant, positive messages through the Kao Salon network. This section of the platform offers a communication network for stylists to ask questions and voice concerns, and delivers community and connection by directly inviting salons and stylists to connect with the Kao Salon family through constant, virtual contact points.

“We in Australia have had a mix of salons deciding to trade through the COVID 19 crisis as well as others closing their doors for a period of time. This has been a challenging time for all of our salon partners and we have stood by each of them with their individual decisions. We will continue to work alongside all of our salons to help them navigate through these very challenging times,” said Justin Anderson, General Manager, Kao Salon Division Australia. “The Kao organisation in Australia is very proud of the Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative and all of the steps Kao is taking to help salons around the world.”