Kao Salon Division have made some important changes to their ANZ leadership roles, with Rita Marcon announced as the new General Manager of Kao Salon ANZ Hub, where she will lead the team in sales, marketing and education across Australia and New Zealand, utilising over 20 years of experience in leadership positions in education, marketing and commercial planning.

“Rita’s breadth of experience, leadership skills and track record of success position her well to assume this role,” said Trevor Attenborough, Vice President, Salon Commercial, Kao Salon Division, Americas. “Her deep understanding of the industry and the Kao business will enable her to drive successful business results in the ANZ hub.”

“The salon owners and stylists are first and foremost the center of everything that we do,” Rita said. “We will continue to be forward thinking to support our industry and salon partners. We will focus on education and experiences that stimulate stylists to be the best they can be. We will continue to create salon growth programs and activities to support salons as we transform for growth.”

Other changes in the leadership team include shifting roles for Chris Hudson, who has been appointed to the position of Country Manager, Australia. Chris has been leading the Australian Sales and Customer Service team since October 2018 and will now lead sales organisation and will assume responsibility for the Field Education Function with increased responsibility across the business.

“Chris has helped to build Kao’s position as a preferred professional product company and continues to support our salon partners as they grow their businesses,” Rita said.  “We are excited to see Chris’s continued success as the Australian Country Manager.”

Amy Pisconeri has received the title of Associate Director, Education for the ANZ Hub, expanding on five years with Kao Salon Division and extending her skills in education and commercial expertise to to the New Zealand team.

 “Amy’s expert knowledge of our products and wide range of experience in salon education makes her the perfect fit for this position,” Rita said.

Alex Zuban has been appointed to the position of Associate Director, Commercial Strategy & Marketing where she will now lead the ANZ Hub Salon Channel Strategy and Marketing team. She has been with the business since September 2017, most recently holding the position of Marketing Manager within Kao Salon Division.

“I am confident that Alex’s leadership skills will ensure excellent execution of the Kao Salon strategy and priorities while achieving commercial success,” Rita said.

“I believe these changes will make the Australian and New Zealand Kao Salon organisation more effective and efficient in terms of decision making, functionality, resource allocation, and external partner relationships,” Trevor added.

Congratulations on these new positions.

For more information visit www.kaosalondivision.com