Poised to perform in front of well over 100 million viewers at the 2015 Superbowl Halftime Show, Katy Perry requested the “perkiest ponytail you’ve ever seen ever” of KMS California stylist Clyde Haygood. Now, when Katy asks for the perkiest ponytail ever, it’s not a figure of speech. A quick browse through Katy’s hair history proves she doesn’t do thing in half measures. If she’s going blue, it will be electric, if she’s opting for pink she will look like the very image of a bubblegum barbie.

Starting with the Superbowl pony, we thought we’d bring you her boldest looks so that you can judge her perky quota for yourself.

Which of these 13 looks is your favourite?

1. The Superbowl Ponytail

katy perry

Haygood really delivered for the ponytail seen around the world. The ponytail was constructed with multiple hairpieces of varying lengths, sewn inside and out for extra bounce and volume. The slicked back pony was then sealed and held into place with KMS California FREESHAPE 2-in-1 styling + finishing.

2. Blue Quiff


Bold in both style and colour choice, Katy creates an entirely new spin on 50s style.

3. Dark Horse


Katy encapsulates her song title with this dark purple bun, a notably edgier look for the star.

4. Pink Geisha


Katy adopts Asian influences in styling this overall look, made characteristically original with this bright pink hue.

5. Crown Braid


Katy looks positively natural without her trademark bold makeup and with her original long black locks. A simple crown braid adds some interest.

6. Blue Beehive


Katy creates another new iteration of her blue look, this time with an innovative beehive with a sky-high shape.

7.  Blonde Bombshell

"The Smurfs" World Premiere - Arrivals

In a bedazzled cartoon Smurfette dress (a callback to her role as the animated character), Katy’s bold beauty look incorporates vibrant green eyeshadow, bright pink lips and and tight curls in her now golden blonde hair.

8. Floral Arrangement


A slicked back pink beehive, trademark cat eyeliner, multi-coloured flowers and bold, red lips. This look is Katy to a tee.

9. Strawberry Blonde


Katy tones it down a notch with this multi-hued pink and strawberry blonde look, off set perfectly with peach lips and copper eye shadow.

10. Bright Bob

1 OAK Las Vegas At The Mirage Hotel & Casino Grand Opening And GiveLove Charity Event

Katy’s famous bob is worn in electric blue with grown out black roots.

11. Pink Elvis


Katy recalls images of Elvis with this retro jacket and hair style – but only Katy would do it in bright pink.

11. Streaks


Hints of purple, blue and pink are all present in these long-haired curls, which screams 90s pop.

13. Assymetrical Bob

katy9n-4-webKaty darkens her bright blue tone to this warm, dark blue shade, lengthening her cut into this textured asymmetrical bob. She certainly knows how to keep it’s interesting.

If your clients aren’t so keen on changing their colour and cut just as much as Katy does, we suggest you at least try to see if you can create her Superbowl ponytail to a level of perky even Katy would be proud of. Good luck.