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Kendall Jenner Heart Hair Trend Takes Over Instagram

What was it that made Kendall Jenner take out the Instagram crown? Was it her graceful lace bridal-like dress? Was it her thoughtful heart emoji caption? Well, according to the internet it’s her creatively shaped heart hair that helped her take the title of most likes on Instagram, stealing it from a snap of Kim and Kanye’s wedding day. Now, with the photo nearing nearly 3 million likes, a hair trend has captured Instagram.


A legion of Kendall’s fans are flooding Instagram under the hashtag #hearthair, recreating the image in interesting new ways. Coloured ends, different size hearts, braided textures and even men daring to don the heart hair trend have taken over Instagram in the thousands, proving definitively that where a Kardashian or Jenner goes, the hair trends will follow.

We’re turning this one over to you, the stylists, to put your creative touches on the latest hashtag-able craze and maybe reinvent the heart-shaped wheel. Harnessing the power of social media, and its trends, is always an ideal way to connect with clients, garner attention and have some modern-day fun with hair.

Share your different takes with the internet and, hey, you may soon be looking at 3 million likes yourself.

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