Welcoming a new era of hair genesis is Kérastase Paris’ most scientific advancement in haircare to date – the new Densifique Density Activator.


Kérastase Paris Densifique Density Activator with Kérastase Paris Initialiste on display at the media launch in Sydney

Launched to an intimate group of beauty editors on Tuesday 18th February 2014 at the luxurious Ivy Penthouse in Sydney, the brand announced that they are celebrating their 50th anniversary with this significant launch; the first professional product designed to significantly improve hair density and reveal up to 1700 new hairs in three months.

A saving grace to clients experiencing hair thinning, a loss of density or a desire to build more volume and body to the hair, Densifique Density Activator is a daily, at-home program that helps to reveal an instant densifying action of the hair fibre, boosting follicular activity and optimising stem cell activity.

Inspired by advanced skincare, the concept behind Densifique stems from the belief that caring for the scalp and hair is as important as caring for the skin on our face.

Kerastase Densifique -33

Kérastase Paris Densifique media launch at the Ivy Penthouse in Sydney

Enriched with a combination of high-performing ingredients, each vile of Densifique contains an exclusive patented ingredient, Stemoxydine, which allows the formula to significantly improve hair mass by acting directly on the root to assist stem cell functioning and optimise the hair cycle.

Along with Stemoxydine, Densifique contains a powerful blend of vitamins B3, B5 and B6 to control biological mechanisms in the first moments of hair life, help reduce hair loss and regulate sebum, and strengthen the hair fibre.

An added texturising polymer to the formula has a cosmetic action to instantly densify the hair fibre for full-looking, healthy hair.

For best results, it is recommended that clients apply one vial per day over a three month period. To apply, with either damp or dry hair, massage Densifique directly into the scalp using a circular motion morning and night.

For more information about Kérastase Paris visit www.kerastase.com.au or call 1300 365 552.