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Kerastase Paris Unveil Chronologiste Collection

Inspired by luxurious skincare treatments, Chronologiste is a product collection worthy of the esteemed Kérastase brand. Utilising precious ingredients in high concentrations, with the rare molecule Abyssine of particular note, the range is dedicated to the regeneration of the scalp and hair.

Chronologiste Collection

Abyssine is the hero ingredient that has stylists particularly keen to try out the range. Discovered at 3000 metres deep in the hydra-thermal water passages of the Pacific Ocean, this polysaccharide, produced by micro-algae, thrives under the most unhospitable areas in extreme conditions. The ingredient has proven results in reducing irritation and protecting against chemical aggressors and allergens when it comes to the skin. Now these qualities are being employed for hair care as well.

Alongside this standout ingredient, L’Oréal’s Advanced Research has paired Gluco-Lipide, Bisabolol, Vitamin A and E and a trio of Ceramids and Oléo-Complexe, to create a luxurious hair ritual that smooths, strengthens and moisturises the hair and scalp.

Like a skincare regime, the products are laid out in steps. First, the LE SOIN GOMMAGE RÉNOVATEUR is a gentle exfoliation treatment comprised of fine micro-particles, to activate microcirculation in an intense hair and scalp detox.

The LE BAIN REVITALISANT is an Abyssine based cleanser to alleviate scalp impurities and soften the hair fibre. Then, the LA CRÈME DE RÉGÉNÉRATION is an intensely nourishing mask, containing the greatest number of active ingredients formulated in their highest concentrations.

Lastly, the LE PARFUM EN HUILE is a premier hair fragrance, inspired by master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Notes of tea rose, blonde wood and musk make for the ideal finish in the skincare inspired routine.

“Kérastase Paris is synonymous with ultra-luxury in the capillary world and gave me carte blanche on the creativity and choice of premium materials” Alberto shared. “This allowed me to reinvent the ancestral gesture of perfumed oil to develop an extremely qualitative product, maybe even more than some perfumes. Inspired by the roses of the park of Batatelle, the fragrance is natural and crispy, modernised by light woods to reveal a sensual signature with mysterious and captivating musk and myrrh.”

Pure luxury at its absolute finest.

The collection will be available in June.

For more information visit or call 1300 365 552

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